Meet the

Photographer and Doula

Photographing You is Entirely About
Creating a Visual Story 
It's an experience that's offered in exchange for your trust in my artistic eye. A Studio Session built purely around your comfort using real life + second life knowledge of Photography to capture your moment.

I began photographing landscape rl in 2010. About a year later I advanced to people; family, weddings, couples any and all other sessions that allowed me to express my creative and artistic mind. While I am extremely passionate about my art, what I look forward to most is the feeling your happiness gives me. There's a great reward in unconditional happiness.

Birthing Your New Bundle of Joy
Isn't just a virtual experience. 
It's a moment of bonding. Not every Birth is physical though it helps to have the visual. A birth can be mental, emotional, or spiritual it truly depends on the mother and the space she is in during this beautiful time.

Motherhood is a beautiful, delicate journey to those of us who decide to take it. My goal is to create a beautiful, peaceful child birthing experience for you to enjoy and create memories that you can always cherish.  so that you could have someone who can grow with you on this journey. Sometimes having someone there who isn't spouse or family brings a certain level of comfort and security, especially when baby is involved. As your Doula I will assist you in bringing comfort to your pregnancy and preparing you for babies welcome.

What Clients Are Saying

Always a professional setting/environment. Certainly a fan of her work.

Mchawi was professional and fast. She understood the ideas i wanted to implement and made sure to deliver. The pictures are to die for! -Chuchi

It was quick & easy & I loved how patient she was... I will come back definitely

Absolutely loved my session. Great professionalism and patience. We will definitely be back.