As with Photography, it is my goal to provide you with a stress free experience especially with the Birth of you New Bundle involved. Limiting stress means finding a time that works best for us both to discuss your Birthing Plan. Taking a moment or two to discuss your wants and needs leaves you with a sLifetime of Memories and a Happy, Healthy Baby.

A Preconception consult is for you as much as it is me, is free for all and include the following for Mothers looking to move forward:

Physical assessment
Blood for Lab work
Fertility (If there for Fertility Consult)
Cleansing, conditioning, and strengthening tips your body
Examination of habits, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors
Nutritional Plans
Review of healthy weight, exercise, and fitness
Stress relief

And More....

Doula Services

A nonrefundable fee is due at the closing of the consultation if Doula Ile is your Birthing Home of Choice. 

Make Your Prenatal Visits Easy for Us Both


Be On Time
On the Day of Your Consult, you are to request a tp to Doula Ile. 

15 min Grace Period 
We all run a tad bit behind however this pushes back other sessions or meetings I may have scheduled for the day. That said if I haven't heard from you during your 15 minute grace period, your Consult is canceled and it is on you to reach out to reschedule.

Land Tours are only given to Mothers that are moving forward as Doula Ile is a Peaceful Sacred Land and My Home however Imagery is shown during the consultation

Getting Started