Getting Started




It is my goal to provide you with a stress free experience that is definite to happen provided the time to communicate and exchange energy. Taking a moment or two to discuss your wants and needs leaves you with a sLifetime of Memories.

A consult is for you as much as it is me.

Please have a Photo Concept in mind upon arrival.P


A nonrefundable retainer fee of half the session is due at the closing of the consultation (weddings 75%). 

Make Your Session Easy for Us Both


Be On Time
On the Day of the session, you are to request a tp to my location. This let's me know you are 100% dressed and ready for your shoot.

15 min Grace Period 
We all run a tad bit behind however this pushes back other sessions or meetings I may have scheduled for the day. That said if I haven't heard from you during your 15 minute grace period, your session is canceled and it is on you to reach out to reschedule.

Photo Services

 No communication results in a canceled session and you will have to rebook; paying a new retainer fee as retainers are nonrefundable.

There is one (1) allotted reschedule per retainer. 

Just remember Communication is Key!

Camera Ready 
Show Up Camera Ready (Save all outfits and be dressed upon arrival to make for a smooth free flowing session, failure will result in rescheduling)


Post Session
After the session all photos (usually 10+ taken) are uploaded to the proofing gallery on my website, then you will receive a link and password to choose the amount given per package chosen.


Book/Hud Add-On
Photos in this book are taken during the session and will be added along with quotes and others personable details.

Book is c/m/t and definitely a beautiful gift. The book is ready within 1-2 weeks